$20 Off $100 With Visa Checkout @ Best Buy Canada

$20 Off $100 With Visa Checkout @ Best Buy Canada

Visa Checkout has been rewarding us with all kinds of discounts since the launch. This time you will get $20 off $100 at Best Buy Canada when you check out using the nifty Visa Checkout service.

If you needed anything tech related for back to school, then now is the time to grab it. With an extra $20 off when you spend $100, you'll definitely be happy. Not only is Visa Checkout safe, but it is also a fast (and becoming common) way to pay for your online purchases.

You don't necessarily need a VISA to have a Visa Checkout account either, which is always handy. I signed up for Visa Checkout with my debit card! You are not limited to one use either, so if you end up wanting $500 worth of product - be sure to do it in a few transactions so you can redeem the $20 discount as many times as possible.

As per usual, there are a few items that do not qualify for this discount. The exclusions include gift cards, pre-orders, Best Buy Marketplace products, Miele, Sonos and Bose products and of course your previous purchases.

This offer ends on August 31st, or after it has been redeemed 30,000 times. Get on it, fast!


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