$20 For a $25 Pizza Pizza Gift Card @ Ebay.ca

$20 For a $25 Pizza Pizza Gift Card @ Ebay.ca

Craving pizza a lot? Why not get an extra discount! Right now you can pay $20 and get a $25 Pizza Pizza Gift Card from EBay.ca. This is basically like getting free money towards your favourite pizza place. Hurry though, this offer won't last very long. Also keep in mind - if this does sell out, Costco often has this same deal as well for us Costco members.

Act fast on this one folks! These gift card deals never last long, and occasionally they will become restocked but why take the risk? This is an excellent gift idea or even a way to save a few bucks while treating the family to some delicious pizza.

Delivery will take about 5 - 9 business days, and then when you order your pizza from Pizza Pizza it may take half an hour more ;). But Pizza Pizza is one of my favourite (and quite economical) places to order pizza from. The kids seem to enjoy it!


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