$1 Drink Days Are Back @ McDonald's Canada

$1 Drink Days Are Back @ McDonald's Canada

It is back guys! Starting tomorrow, May 6th, you can head into McDonald's and get a drink for just $1! I adore the $1 Drink Days - especially when it gets super hot outside. Not only does this offer apply to their regular soft drinks from the fountain, but it also applies to their iced coffee!

I like both the Tim Hortons and the McDonald's Iced Coffee about the same. I find McDonald's gives a bit more ice, but that is part of that beverage, right. Actually, in the hot months I prefer there to be more ice than not.

The soft drinks include Coca-Cola, Fruitopia, Diet Coke, Water, Minute Made, Iced Tea and more. If you'd rather a fruit smoothie (have you tried them? they are delicious!), then you will get a size small for just $2. They are said to be made with real fruit and the Strawberry Banana flavour has me hooked.

There is no set expiry date for this - but in the previous years this $1 Drink Days promotion has lasted majority of the summer, which is a definite plus. Now I will be able to get my entire meal for under $4 - since I often eat from the Value Menu anyway.

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