$1 Drink Days Are Back @ McDonalds

$1 Drink Days Are Back @ McDonalds

"Only a dollar. All summer!" It's also known as my favorite time of the year. Just like the end of the school year or that first day at the beach, the start of dollar drink days at McDonalds truly mark the beginning of summer for me. And they begin on May 9th - that is only two days away!

What icy cold drinks can you get for $1? A small frozen lemonade for starters. Or any size fountain drink. That will be a Diet Coke for me. Or if coffee is your thing, you can also grab a small or medium iced coffee for just a buck.

And if you are feeling spendy, $2 will buy you a small iced frappe or a small smoothie.

And yay! McDonalds is bringing back strawberry mango orange flavour for the summer. It is the perfect way to refresh while sitting by the pool and reading a trashy novel. Ok, in reality I will be sipping it while chasing the kids around with a bottle of sunscreen. But it still tastes great so there is that.

What is your dollar drink of choice?


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