$1 Big Mac, 6 Piece McNuggets or McMuffin @ McDonald's App

$1 Big Mac, 6 Piece McNuggets or McMuffin @ McDonald's App

I just found the perfect thing to actually make your Monday a happy one.

This offer is back - and I am so excited. My guilty pleasure is definitely McDonald's and especially their McNuggets. Right now McDonald's has a great offer for new accounts within Ontarioon their mobile app. Download the app and register/activate your account to receive a coupon for $1 Big Mac, 6 Piece McNuggets or McMuffin.

Hopefully you receive the mail-to-home coupons as well, there are some great deals to be had if you're craving a burger and fries any time soon.

Big Mac. McNuggets. Need I say more?

The coupon looks to expire on August 31st, so don't forget to use it when you have an opportunity. There are some other coupons available as well, which may vary depending on your location.

The coupons available to me right now are:

  • 50% off a Danish with the purchase of a McCafe hot drink
  • Buy one Breakfast Sandwich, get one free
  • $1 plus tax Small Hot McCafe beverage

This definitely makes my Monday better!


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