Disney Rewards: Count Down to Summer Bonus Points

Disney Rewards: Count Down to Summer Bonus Points


Until the summer solstice, Disney is giving away bonus Disney Reward Points every single day on Pinterest. Just hop over to Pinterest every day and look at the daily image. The code will be on the text below the image. A Pinterest account is not required.

The Disney rewards program is a favourite of parents and animated film lovers everywhere. When you buy Disney movies there is a code on the inside of cover, which gives you back Disney reward points for every movie you purchase. In addition, if you are signed up to the Disney newsletter, you receive a once monthly newsletter with which gives you anywhere from five to ten Disney points. However, this does not give you a lot of points per month unless you are buying movies frequently.

Thus, this promotion from Disney is awesome. I entered the code yesterday and got five points, and I got today's code, which was good for another 5 points. This promotion is going on till the 21st of June, 2014. I am not sure how many points each code will give, but there is good potential for many points. New codes are released at noon EST.

So why is this such a big deal? Well, unless it is a holiday, you only get five to ten points a month without buying a movie. This promotion will give you approximately 90 points for free and possibly much more.

I just redeemed points I had been saving up for a while and bought myself Home on the Range in the Blu-Ray combo pack for 550 points with shipping. The great thing about getting Disney movies with Disney rewards is I will be able to use the code inside the Disney movie to get some of my rewards back. I haven't seen that movie in ages!

There are so many different things you can redeem Disney rewards for. With the new Maleficent movie just out, there are some new collectables I am sure many fans would love to get their hands on. This Maleficent POP! Plushie is 650 reward points (including shipping) and would make a great gift for your little fan. I actually really like this Maleficent Horns Headdressand I think it would look fantastic as part of a Halloween costume You could do so much with it: either dressing up as Maleficent or going as some underworld creature.

(Expiry: 21st June 2014)


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