Dining Coupons: Save On Eating Out (GTA)


Dine.to has some excellent discount dining coupons on their website, if you plan on eating out and live in the Greater Toronto Area. Here's a synopsis:

That's a sample of the discounts available, ranging from high class restaurants to the cheaper eateries. Check out the Dine.to site for more of their dining coupons for Toronto.

Thanks for the pic nyki_m!


  • The H.
    Anna, I am in the same boat as you. I love all the pretty colours (oooooh!) as I walk through department stores - but alas, as a stay at home mom, I just can't see me wearing super pigmented lime green bars across my eyes. (wait, maybe I should - would the kids listen better??!!) However, I have heard great things about the staying power and I love me some bronze shadow - who said SAHM'S must be unmakeuped? :) Thanks for the tip!
  • The H.
    Duh wrong section. This was meant for the mac comments. :)

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