Dimplesforever.com Coupon Code

Dimplesforever.com Coupon Code


Dimplesforever.com is a small Ontario based boutique that sells Personalized Fingerprint Jewelrykits. They've offered the Bargainmoosers an exclusive coupon code if you want to buy some of their items.

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  • CouponCode: bmoose2010
  • Discount: $15 off
  • Expires: 30th November 2010

The unique thing about this jewelry is that it is personalized - with the fingerprint of your loved ones; babies, kids, etc. This is an absolutely beautiful idea for a gift for new moms and dads, in my opinion. Here is a blurb from the company:

Dimples kits enable you to easily capture the fingerprint impression of a loved one, newborn infant to mature adult, wherever and whenever you want to! That fingerprint, a moment in time permanently preserved in a pure silver charm, can be worn and enjoyed each day.

Looking at the jewelry kits that they sell, they really are very pretty, like the women's toggle necklace or the Women's Classic with Minimalist Charm. These items are not cheap though, due to their nature. They are Sterling silver personalized pieces, so carry an according price tag. Items on the Dimplesforever website start at $125, but you could of course apply the $15 Bargainmoose coupon code on anything.

I think they're a very nice keepsake!



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