Diaper Bags & Accessories From $5.99 @ Well.ca

Diaper Bags & Accessories From $5.99 @ Well.ca

Two things I could never have enough of were Diaper Bags (that I may still be using on occasion) and wet bags. They're all on sale at Well.ca for up to 40% off!

I love this JuJuBe HoboBe Diaper Bag Purse in The Marquess and have been kept an eye on it for the longest time. Since I technically don't NEED another bag, the $159.99 price tag was a bit hard to justify. At $96 on sale however, I know this will be my go to bag this summer with beach trips as well as practices at the ballpark and soccer fields!

I still use out wetbags all the time for changes of clothes, wet bathing suits and just random stuff. The Skip Hop Grab & Go Wet/Dry Bag is one of my favourites and on sale for $15.99 from $19.99.

For a "Dad friendly" shape, this Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag might be better received than some of the more frilly options. It's neutral colour with trendy design won't stifle your style or have him cringing when you hand it over. There is tons of storage space and pockets and now has a zipper top, to avoid items going everywhere when it's knocked over. On sale for $67.99 from $84.99 right now.

Be sure to have a look through the sale for extras to add to your next baby gifts as well. Deals like the Grab & Go Snug Seal Wipe Cases and the Grab & Go Pacifier Pocket Holders would be great finishing touches, just to name a few.

Free Shipping will apply to orders of $35 or more!


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