Deus Ex: The Fall, Free Game App via IGN

Deus Ex: The Fall, Free Game App via IGN


Over on the freebies forum, Bargainmooser Beagle let us know about a free game that’s happening this month courtesy of gaming site, IGN. They are offering a totally free copy of Deus Ex: The Fall, available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

When you click on the above link, click “get code” and the page will generate a unique code which you can then use to claim a free copy of this game. Deus Ex: The Fall is $6.99 on the Apple app store, so it’s a great freebie! The rating on IGN gives this game a score of 8.2, which is pretty high.

Now, I’ve just gone through the above link and downloaded Deus Ex: The Fall on to my iPad, and I am writing this post while watching the intro scenes. I didn’t have much of a chance to play it properly yet but it looks like it could be good fun to while away a few idle minutes from time to time.

The Deus Ex video game series was one of my favourite PC games of all time, I used to play these back in the days when I had spare time for proper video gaming. Now I just have kids… so gaming is a pleasure no longer experienced by me! Deus Ex was one of those games to which I was able to return again and again, creating a different gaming experience each time.

The app version of Deus Ex: The Fall is a far cry from the kind of gaming event I used to have on the PC, as the controls are completely different meaning it’s a different interface and experience. However, much of the gaming mechanic seems to be in place, such as the conversations affecting the outcome of the games, or the ability to augment your bio-mechanics with various choices. The soundtrack is so familiar though!

If you’ve not previously played Deus Ex, you mightn’t instantly fall in love with this app… but it’s free, so give it a try if you’re in to this kind of game.

(Expires: 11th July 2014)


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