Creative EP-630 Earphones For $19.99!! Creative EP-630 Earphones For $19.99!!

Great little deal on earphones here from Dell Canada! You can buy the Creative EP-630 headphones for only $19.99 and free shipping too.

Having done a price comparison, the EP630s seem to be $31+ everywhere else, never mind adding on those shipping costs! As we know, Dell shipping is super-free.

The EP-630 Earphone from Dell™ are designed to fit you with ease and provide you with the pleasure of listening to music the comfortable way.

These earphones even come with different sizes of ear buds, to make sure they fit comfortably in your earholes! That’s great! However, the only problem I have with mine – I sometimes knock off one of the earbuds and it can easily et lost if you’re out and about.

I’ve always liked this in-ear style of headphones.

Remember in the olden days, when the only headphones were those ones that sat over your ears. They always used to give me a headache. Then the next ones were the in-ear style, but they were made of solid plastic. I don’t know if I just have tiny lugholes, but they always used to really hurt my ears after prolonged usage.

Finally, when I first used a set of this type of earphones, with the soft ear buds, I was delighted. I could leave them in for as long as I wanted, and there was never any discomfort. They weren’t heavy and didn’t cause a big weight on my head.

I first had a Sony set, but now I use Panasonic ones. Creative ones are supposed to be very good too. Having a look at the customer reviews of the EP-630s on the Dell website, they have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. That’s excellent!!


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