8GB SDHC Card For $22.99 & Free Shipping! 8GB SDHC Card For $22.99 & Free Shipping!

Do you need some extra storage capacity in one of your portable devices? Perhaps you are always running out of space for new pictures on your digital camera, or you have no room left for funky tunes on your mp3 player? Dell Canada have a pretty sweet offer on this little SD card which might be just the ticket for your digital storage needs!| It’s a Kingston 8GB SDHC for only $22.99. As usual, Dell also give free shipping on all orders.

Click here to order your 8GB SD HC Card from Dell Canada!

Just to show you some price comparisons from other well known stores, there is a 8GB Sandisk SDHC card for $64.99 @ BestBuy, or a CoreMicro one for $39.99 @ FutureShop, so I think the Dell price is really rather decent. In my opinion, Kingston is an excellent brand for memory cards. They’re really reliable, yet they come with a 5 year guarantee!

I recently bought a similar card for my Sony Ebook reader, so I can store thousands of books for when I am travelling about the place!

P.S. Dell lovers, don’t forget to use Dealguild Canada for up to 5% cashback. :)


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