Dell Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Bundle For $30 @ Dell Canada (TODAY)

Dell Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Bundle For $30 @ Dell Canada (TODAY)


If you're stuck in the "wire age" and you're still working with a wired keyboard and mouse on your computer, then it's time to fork out $30 for this deal from (Tuesday, today only). They're selling the Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle for only $29.99 with free shipping.

The deal includes the keyboard, the mouse, and the USB adapter to get you up and running.

And don't forget this amazing selling point from Dell:

This keyboard features a set of 104 keys.

Thanks Dell!

I remember in the olden days when the wire of the mouse used to get snagged up on things, knocking over coffee cups, getting caught behind the computer. Now, I am completely wireless - I couldn't live without my wireless keyboard and mouse. Sometimes in the evening, I kick back and stick my feet up on my desk, slide my wireless keyboard over onto my knees, and browse lolcats to my heart's delight.


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  • Mark
    Your link is a dud, when you click on the link , the page opens and shows the keyboard and mouse combo, but starting at $59.00 not 30.00, what gives?
    • Dannielle
      Mark, you're right, the price is $59. but if you 'add it to the cart', it comes through as $29.99.
      • Larry P.
        Yes, the reason for Mark's disappointment (and mine too!) is that the special was only for Jan.11/11, yet we didn't receive your email listing it until today (Jan.12/11) day too late. As much as I appreciate your great services to us, I don't see the point in advising of expired deals. Is there any way to change this system? Thanks anyway.
        • Anna
          Bargainmoose Email Subscribers: Please Read Will explain everything. Please don't rely on the daily emails - you will miss the best deals as they are short-lived! Stop by Bargainmoose daily to catch them all.
          • Larry P.
            Thanks for the tip, Anna!...Good idea! obvious yet I hadn't thought of that!