Dell Canada: Up to 33% off Laptops, Desktops & Monitors

Dell Canada: Up to 33% off Laptops, Desktops & Monitors

Doesn't matter what you're looking for, Dell Canada has it. Whether you need a new laptop, desktop or a monitor, these deals make it easy on the wallet. And if you keep reading, we have a BONUS ROUND! ELECTRONICS DEALS!

The best monitor deals:



When you click through to the computers it says "Free shipping on all orders." I don't know if this is valid for the monitors too and if you live in one of their "select remoted locations" you'll be charged.

Dell truly is the Walmart of computers and electronics. They have such a huge buying power and manufacturing presence that they can do things like sell an 18.5" HD LED monitor for $80. The first place I'll always go for monitors is to Dell. They are usually great quality and the prices are often unbeatable.

And of course there are the desktops and the laptops. I find more and more we're running into deals that don't seem  like a lot (like the save $20 deal up there)  but in reality these prices are so low to begin with that shaving another $20 off is actually an okay deal.

BONUS ROUND!! There are a lot of various electronics available on sale up to 50% off as well. These are things like TVs, surge protectors, camera & laptop bags among others. Make sure you check them out while you get your new monitor!

(Expires: 16 August 2012)


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