Dell Canada: Dell Inspiron Laptop Deals

Dell Canada: Dell Inspiron Laptop Deals

If you are looking for a laptop under $500, check out Dell Canada. Not only are they known for their quality but right now they are sporting sweet deals on their laptops.

  • Save $170 - New Inspiron 14R: Was $679.99 | Now $499.99 (expires 13, August 2011)

Dell just released new models so the ones marked 'new' are those and the other ones are the previous model. I have been looking for a laptop for my parents around the $300 range and am surprised to see Dell, a quality computer, coming so close to that. :-)

The R behind the 14 is for the model with switchable lids, a rather cool personalization feature.

Inspiron 15 deals expire the 19th, August 2011.


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