Dell Canada Deals: Victoria Weekend Special Offers!

Dell Canada Deals: Victoria Weekend Special Offers!

With this being Victoria weekend, Dell Canada are giving us some special offers on various laptops and electronic items!! There is quite a lot to choose from, I’ll list some of the electronics deals in here for your viewing pleasure!!

Electronic deals:

Sanyo (Canada) 42" Plasma High Definition TV - Was $1000 – now $800! Eight hundred bucks for a nice looking 42” TV! I have a plasma TV, I like it a lot.

Mitac International MooV 200C GPS System – was $159.99 – now only $99.99! Seems like a good price for a GPS, though I’ve never heard of the brand.

Logitech S-120 Speaker System - Black – was $19.99 – now only $12.99! This could be a handy little speaker system to add on to your computer.

Belkin Inc Special Bundle : Mini Surge (3 Outlets + 2 USB Power Outlets) and Laptop Cooling Stand – was $48.99 – now $39.99! These laptop cooling stands can be very useful – I used one on my older laptop which was prone to overheating.

SONY ENTERTAINMENT PS3 Playstation 3 80GB Blu-Ray Player Bundle with Remote and HDMI Cable – was $459.99 – now $379.99! I don’t need a PS3 because I game on my PC. However I was thinking of getting one purely for the blu0ray functionality… silly ?

Iomega 250 GB USB 2.0 eGo II Portable Hard Drive - Orange - Designed for Dell – was $129.99 – now only $74.99! Not a bad price for a little hard drive.


There are a few desktop and laptop deals as well, if you need a new computer.


The Dell deals will end on the 19th of May, 9am EST.


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