Dell Canada: Deal of the Week ViewSonic 32" LED HDTV $399.99 (regular $599.99)

Dell Canada: Deal of the Week ViewSonic 32" LED HDTV $399.99 (regular $599.99)

Dell Canada is offering a few different deals of the week.  One that stood out to me was this ViewSonic 32" LED HDTV on sale for $399.99 (regular price is $599.99).

Sometimes just because something is on sale it doesn't mean that it is the best price, always good to do a little price comparison.  I did a little price comparison for this Viewsonic TV and found it priced at Penguins Express for $418.  So, in fact at a price of $399.99, it was the lowest price I found.  Nowadays you want to make sure you buy a TV that has HDTV because there are so many channels out there that broadcast in HDTV now.  Also, when we were looking for a new TV a while back, we were told to get an LED if we had kids.  The reason for this is because kids like to touch the screen and can wreck it with the oils from their skin (or whatever they happen to be dirty from that day) and the picture will be altered.  LED TV screens help prevent this better than Plasma TVs that will show anything that touches the screen.  This is also a good screen because it is adaptable for a PC computer. Therefore it can be used as a HDTV or a computer screen.

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  • Ben K.
    Two things: - As I write this, the Dell page you linked to is apparently offering it for $479.99 (discount $120 from $599.99). Perhaps the deal has changed? - My understanding is that "LED" and "LCD" TVs are much the same in that they both use LCD display panels (though "LED" sets use LED backlighting instead of CCFL). Whether there is a finger-resistant coating on the front of the panel is a separate issue. cheers, b
    • Ellen
      I am wondering the same thing as Ken. Maybe the deal was for Monday only?
      • Krista
        The deal was advertised as on all week but for some reason Dell has changed the price. Sorry about the confusion.