Dell Canada: Belkin Advanced Surge Protector $14.99 (Save $55)

Dell Canada: Belkin Advanced Surge Protector $14.99 (Save $55)


Surge protectors are a very important part of a safe electronic home. They protect your various electronics from being fried during random surges, and they can also be used to conserve energy by flipping that switch when not using your power-suckers. Dell Canada is offering the Belkin Advanced Surge Protector for only $14.99. Originally this fine surge protector was priced at $69.99 so you are saving $55!

This baby has a 12 output connector, so can handle your office load no problem. It is often funny how things happen, as I was fixing up our spare bedroom this morning I was moving one of our surge protectors and discovered that it seems to have a problem. Sometimes when the cord moves it 'disconnects power' to the main bar. That is not a positive sign. So I have just ordered 3 of these Belkin power bars as they are a fantastic deal. Figured why not get 3: one for the office/spare bedroom, one for the living room and one for spare.

Check out the rest of the Electronics Super Sale. The first round (which this surge protector is part of) ends May 3rd.


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