Dell Canada: Alienware TactX Mouse $37.99 (Reg $79.99)

Dell Canada: Alienware TactX Mouse $37.99 (Reg $79.99)

I JUST ordered this mouse! Dell Canada has the Alienware TactX Mouse on sale for $37.99 for today only! You are saving $42 off the original price of $79.99. That is over 50% off.

This mouse is not only killer to look at, but also has some great reviews:

The Alienware TactX Mouse is one of the top-quality mouses out there. Personally, I like how the mouse is designed as it gives the thumb a small area to put on when using it and it doesn't produce a lot of stress on the thumb. The shape and color of the mouse is perfect for me when I am gaming. The texture of the mouse is superb when it comes to gaming and I have sweaty palms and it does not slide off at all.

One of the criticisms is that the mouse has a fairly short lifespan, but if it gives out within a year Dell will replace it for free.

Expiry: 5am EST 27th, September 2012


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