Dell Canada: 4 Pack AA Eneloop Batteries Only $13

Dell Canada: 4 Pack AA Eneloop Batteries Only $13


We've blogged about Eneloop batteries before and found that they were very popular, so if you haven't gotten yourself some of these batteries, or need some more, now is the time. Dell Canada has a few different deals on packs of Eneloop batteries, but I found the four pack of AA batteries for only $12.99, with a regular price of $24.99 quite intriguing.

Like I said, we've blogged these batteries before and they are actually cheaper than the last time, when this exact pack was $14.99. It is going to be difficult to say more than has already been said about these batteries, like the fact that they retain power way longer than other rechargeable batteries and that they can be recharged many, many times. I could also again tell you that the reviews are so positive for these batteries because everyone really loves them.

Instead, I'll also tell you about a few other Eneloop deals that Dell has on. If you need AAA batteries, which many items do, get eight of them for only $17.99, with a regular price of $37.99. You'll save $20, which means you can buy two packs and still not pay the regular price for one pack.

If you need a battery charger, there are deals on those too. This Eneloop power pack has everything! Get the charger plus eight AA, 2 AAA, 2 C-spacers and two D-spacers for only $34.99, with a regular price of $54.99. This is an even better deal than one I blogged similar to it from Costco a few weeks ago.

Dell ships everything they sell for free, so you don't have to worry about any extra costs associated with your battery purchase.

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  • gooniesguy
    I just did a search and is cheaper. You do have to buy more than one pack of 4 so it may not be for everybody .. 16 AA - $49.99 (12.50 for a pack of 4) and 12 AAA - $31.99 ($10.66 for a pack of 4). Just incase anybody is looking.
    • gooniesguy
      The AAA's are cheaper on dell. Sorry, I thought the price was for 4.
    • gooniesguy
      Actually the AAA's are cheaper on dell.. Sorry. Thought it was the price for 4.