Dell Canada: 32” Philips 1080p TV For Only $599!

Dell Canada: 32” Philips 1080p TV For Only $599!


Pretty sweet price on this Philips TV, which is the deal of the week at Dell Canada! The 32PFL6704 32” 1080p widescreen TV is only $599, which is a reduction of $200 on the regular price.

This could be a nice addition to a family room, if you were looking for a new flat screen TV, that is a decent size. I used to have a 32” Philips, but I’ve upgraded to a 42” in the last year. While the 32” was ample when I had it, it now seems fairly small compared to the 42”! I’m not even going to talk about my brother’s 50” plasma – that’s just outrageous!


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  • Mike
    FWIW, has the Vizio 32" 1080p for $549 and I've seen the LG on sale at different places for $599. I would probably trust either of those brands over Philips and the hassle of a mail-order return to Dell.
    • jones
      This is not a deal at all.