Dell Canada: 20" Viewsonic LCD TV $219

Dell Canada: 20" Viewsonic LCD TV $219


Right now at Dell Canada, they have a decent price on this 20" Viewsonic LCD TV, the VT2042, for only $219! I've price compared and this is the cheapest price I can see for this TV from online Canadian stores.

I was thinking this could be a good purchase if you were looking for a little TV for a family room, a kids room, or even for a bedroom. It would be ideal for wall mounting at the end of the bed! It seems to be a good specification, being a Full HD 1080p TV. I like Viewsonic too, one of my monitors is a Viewsonic and I've had it for about 3 years now.

P.S. Everything is free shipping from Dell Canada, in case you weren't aware.


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