Dell Canada: 2 Day Deals

Dell Canada: 2 Day Deals


Dell is hitting another round of 2 day deals for both systems and accessories, with ample discounts in each area.

This sale answers the question of "Can you really get a 2TB external hard drive for under $100?" Why yes, yes you can. Pick up the Western Digital Elements 2 TB hard drive for only $94.99.

It can also answer the question of "how can I look both geeky and cool while listening to my favourite music on my headset?" Look no further my friend: The Jabra Halo Bluetooth Stereo Headset at 50% off would make any geek proud, and looks so stylish you might attract some attention!

Whatever your electronic question might be, see if Dell Canada can answer it for you.

Expires: 19th, May 2011


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