Dealticker Canada: $10 McDonalds Gift Card for $6.99! (Expired)

Dealticker Canada: $10 McDonalds Gift Card for $6.99! (Expired)


This deal started within the last 24 hours but I’ve only just spotted it there now – you can get a $10 McDonalds gift card for only $5 at Dealticker Canada!

Now, shipping is an extra $1.99 per voucher, but that still means that you are getting a $10 voucher for only $6.99. And as I write this, there are only 4 hours left to take advantage of the deal – buy it quick!

You can buy a maximum of 5 vouchers per person - meaning that you could order $50 worth of gift cards for $35. The vouchers don't expire, so use them any time.

Beware – as I was browsing for this on the Dealticker site, it seemed to slow my computer down A LOT, I think they’re very busy with this deal and the site is going very slow.

(Expires 30th April 2014)


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  • Cal A.
    I don't think I can buy this on principle... $1.99 for shipping a card and that per unit shipping cost doesn't get reduced as you purchase more cards? They're profiting from the shipping fees. (likely my conscience telling me not to eat at McDos anyways).
    • Anna W.
      No, shipping doesn't reduce if you buy more. It's still a 30% discount for McDonalds though!
    • Anita
      Yeah, I also found the shipping fees suspicious. That is why I did some research on the website. It seems that they are a lot of reviews saying it's a scam.
      • Anna W.
        Anita, do you honestly think we'd post about a deal on Bargainmoose if we thought in any way that it was a scam?
      • Riley
        DealTicker has been questionable lately, I know of merchants that are owed tens of thousands of dollars for deals they ran on DealTicker. Some aren't shipping until DealTicker pays them which is leaving customers waiting for months.
        • Chu H.
          DT is taking their sweet ol' time delivering these GC to me. Despite charging 1.99 for shipping for each card, over a month later my mailbox still awaits. At that shipping rate, they ought to have delivered it the next morning !!
          • Sotan
            I bought the McDonalds deal as well and I received this email from Dealticker today. Dear Customer, We are writing this letter to you with great disappointment as our efforts for acquiring the McDonald’s cards directly from McDonald’s head offices have been rejected for no clear reason by McDonald’s Canada. We would like nothing less than to ensure that you’ll love every purchase you make with us. As such, we are offering one of three different options to all customers who have purchased a McDonald’s card with us: Option 1: A Starbucks eGift Card in the value of $10.00CAD that can be used at any Starbucks location across North America, or Option 2: A credit back to your DealTicker account for the amount spent + a 10% compensation bonus for the inconvenience, or Option 3: A full refund back to the original source of payment for your purchase We kindly request that you please click the link below and fill out the necessary information for us to process your request. I should I know better before ordering from them
            • sumi
              i inquire about my gift card and i received exactly same respond form dealticker.