Dealfind Canada: $15 For $30 Of Lindt Chocolate

Dealfind Canada: $15 For $30 Of Lindt Chocolate


Buy a Dealfind for $15 and spend it on $30 of delicious Lindt chocolate.

Perfect for Easter, simply buy the voucher, then take it in to one of many locations of Lindt Chocolate in Canada. The only time you can't use this voucher is during midnight madness, but you are still getting a great deal anyway. I'm sure they will also have in-store sales that will tickle your fancy for which your voucher would be perfect for.

I was gifted a Lindt chocolate bar (giant sized) on the weekend and while I hoped to save it, I sat and ate the entire thing while waiting for my plane at the airport. It was so delectable and smooth, it really just melts in your mouth. You can't help but going back for more and more. If this makes you not want to buy this voucher, think what a wonderful gift it would be for someone else, like a teacher or other service provider. They'll think you spend a big amount on them, but you really only spent $15.

You also can't buy 100g bars with this voucher, but like I said, all other items are fair game, including sale items. You have until April 2nd to spend it.

Photo credit: XOXO214

(Expiry: 5th March 2014)


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