Deal Ticker Canada: $15 For a Foldable Shopping Trolley

Deal Ticker Canada: $15 For a Foldable Shopping Trolley

DealTicker Canada has an amazing deal for vouchers entitling you to a Chic & Stylish foldable shopping trolley with wheels for just $15, taxes included.  You can buy an unlimited amount of vouchers for both personal use and gifts.  Your order is automatically shipped to your destination once ordered and this is valid only in Canada and US.  This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

Oh my, do I ever need this.  I recently purchased one of those trolley carts that is metal with the plastic wheels and although it folds, it is still very big and bulky, not to mention, I paid over $30.  Taking it into stores is quite the hassle because I like to use store carts and it barely fits inside one of them and then, takes up all the room, so my purchases don’t’ fit so easily.  Storage of this massive cart is a real problem, so this Deal Ticker offer is perfect for me.

This shopping trolley has one large compartment and one medium compartment with zipper and it folds into a flat pouch so I can carry it like a purse.  The wheels are detachable and have stopper aids for mobility.  The colour is a very bright neon green, but I actually don’t really care what the colour is.

This is great item for me as I live in a condo and although condo living is very convenient, it’s a pain to bring in groceries or parcels from the car.  My condo is actually at the back of the building and it’s quite the walk from the front door.  Carrying one or two things is not bad, but many items, especially heavier ones is quite impossible, so I need a cart.

I’m sure there are many of you that know exactly what I’m talking about, so take advantage of this deal.  I would suggest buying at least two, just in case.

Shipping: $4.95 per voucher

(Expiry: 15th February 2013)


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  • Catherine K.
    I also live in a condo set-up with parking far from my front door. The problem I discovered with the one that I had is that there is no support/rigidity to the upper half of the bag. Everything that was stacked into it "fell over" and made moving the cart more work that making extra trips to my car.
    • Judi H.
      I would rather a couple of trips over storing and handling the bulky cart. I also suggest a couple of pieces of cardboard to add support to the upper half of cart
    • Rustykitty
      If you live near a Longo's I HIGHLY recommend their cart. It folds down as well (not as small as the Dealticker) and stores inside a convenient bag that is provided. Wheel are strong and look like skateboard wheels. For $20 it's the best deal around. I've bought one for my Mom and she loves it too!
      • Judi H.
        Thanks for the info, I will check on that.