DC Comics Girls Trio of Action Costumes was $43 now $28 @ Amazon.ca!

DC Comics Girls Trio of Action Costumes was $43 now $28 @ Amazon.ca!


Yesterday, I wrote about the really great little deal on this set of three super-hero costumes on Amazon.ca. Just note that item dropped in price almost another dollar from when I wrote it yesterday! But today, I’ve found a very similar item, but it’s worth highlighting too – it’s the girl’s set of three DC Comics costumes, also on special offer! It was priced at $42.99, but you can grab it now for only $28.27 with free shipping!

Technically, this works out at $9.42 per outfit – that’s a steal for an official set of good quality super-hero costumes. However, I cannot see this exact set anywhere else online in Canada to price compare. It IS cheaper on the dot com, but shipping to Canada would be quite a bit extra.

So, what outfits do you get? As you can see in the image above, you will get a Batgirl costume, a Supergirl costume and a Wonder Woman costume. Each one comes with various accessories, such as a headband with the Wonder Woman outfit and an eyemask for the Batgirl outfit.

The age range on the costumes state that they are good for aged 3 to 10 years. This is a pretty large age range for clothing to fit a child… but in looking at the outfits, it seems that it could work because they’re called “tabards” rather than fitted t-shirts.

This is EXACTLY the type of deal which I love to jump on and put in my daughters’ dressing-up box. It’s already filled to the brim with Cinderella dresses and tutus, but some more superhero costumes will never go amiss.

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