David's Tea Sells a Halloween Countdown Calendar!

Creepy Countdown Calendar $20

By now, you've probably all at least heard of the David's Tea Advent Calendar. It's one of the best ways to count down to Christmas, since you get to open and try a new kind of tea every day in December.

But this year, they're starting the fun a little early and introducing a Creepy Countdown Calendar to use before Halloween!

At $20, this is one of the most reasonably priced "advent" calendars out there. It's a 10-day countdown calendar that has tea and chocolate lurking behind the doors.

If you hate surprises (or if you have any allergies to worry about), you can see a full list of the included goodies here. Most surprises are fall-themed, so get ready for warm, cozy cups of tea.

There's also an entire Halloween Collection you can shop – if you dare.

Since the 10-day countdown starts this Sunday, you might want to try and order one of these ASAP or do your best to pick one up in-store. If you do order online, spend $50 to get free shipping.

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