Dakine/Oakley Backpacks and Gear from $25.00 Incl. Free Ship @ LiveOutThere.ca

Dakine/Oakley Backpacks and Gear from $25.00 Incl. Free Ship @ LiveOutThere.ca

This could be one of the best times to get a good brand name backpack. Did you know that Live Out There always ships for free?

I love that about them. I'm going to confess something to you. Whenever I used to read the name, 'Live Out There' to myself I always pronounced it as the word 'live' with a long 'i' sound. Then one day, it hit me - Live Out There... With a short 'i' sound. Makes perfect sense! Seize the day!

As this summer season starts to come to an end, Live Out There (You just said that both ways to yourself, didn't you?) is having a sale on gear and some of it is 50% off. On high quality brand names such as the ones they are selling, this is a great deal. It's great to get high quality items at such good sale prices.

For example, this high contrast black and white Dakine Stowaway Rucksack Backpack is on sale for only $25.00, down from $49.99. This one is hydration compatible for keeping your 'special juice' in it for the soccer games. Kidding, totally kidding!

Speaking of Dakine, I want this Dakine Crusier Roller 37L Luggage for only $87.50! The regular price is $174.99 and you can see the quality in this case. Carry-on sizes on airlines can vary, but this one states it is the legal carry-on size for most airlines.

If you prefer a duffle back kind of style, here is yet another Dakine - This Duffle Roller Luggage looks different from typical luggage and you'll like the deal on it. The sale price is $85.00 and the reg. price is $170.

Is there any rule that says women can't have this absolutely gorgeous Oakley Men's Voyage 25 Pack?? It's a stunning looking day pack. The sale price is $82.50 which is a far cry from the original price of $164.99.

Great deals all around and with free shipping you don't need to worry about shipping fees.


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  • dilbert1977

    i bought the Oakley bag from then last year and returned as it doesn't hold any much bigger than a laptop, with nothing else. Great looking bag, but not all that practical, ended up getting a much larger one from their outlet store in Ottawa

    • BookieMonster

      Some great deals. I like the Mountain Hardwear Enterprise Backpack for only $60 CDN at 50% off. It's got a volume of 33L and has an average rating of 4.75 by 20 reviewers. You can't beat the free shipping and returns in Canada.