DairyQueen Canada: 50% off Select Items for Customer Appreciation Day

DairyQueen Canada: 50% off Select Items for Customer Appreciation Day


You get no respect around here. No one appreciates you. Except BargainMoose and Dairy Queen during their 50% off Customer Appreciation days!

What better time to appreciate the customers of your ice cream shop than in the middle of January! They are either purposely doing customer appreciation day at the coldest possible time because sales are down and they want to get people in to stores or they are doing it because they want to push the fast food side of things. Likely it's both. Get people in the store and have them buy hot fast food instead of ice cream. Whatever, doesn't matter, it's still a great time to get some hot eats and/or cool treats, as it were.

The deal says it's participating location and select items. I don't know what items are included so if you're really jonesin' for a Peanut Buster Parfait, you might want to call down to your local restaurant and make sure they are part of the 50% off. Also, I know it may expire in some locations today but it seems like most locations are having it on the 25th.

Just randomly I want to tell you a fantastic DQ story. You know how when they make a Blizzard they stick the spoon in it and flip it upside down to show you how thick it is? Well I was at the mall once and the girl made a milkshake, stuck a straw in it and flipped it upside down. The thing, of course, poured everywhere and she just stood there looking at the mess. I guess she had made so many Blizzards that day, she just did the move on instinct. Ooops.

Do you have any great fast food stories? Let me know in the comments below!

(Expires: 22nd January 2014 or 25th January 2014)


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