Dad's Day Deals @ The Source Canada

Dad's Day Deals @ The Source Canada


Following on from my post about Father's Day gifts from Newegg Canada, I see that The Source also has a special page with lots of ideas for Dad's Day.

The page states that they have "something for every dad." Now, I don't know if that is true or not... but feel free to brose and see if you agree! Some examples of ideas:

  • LOREXVUE LSC001 VIDEO CAMERA SUNGLASSES for $279.99 - while these are a pretty penny, I am not sure if anyone would actually fork out close to $300 for a Father's Day gift (unless they were stonking rich). And what would you use them for? While I love gadgets... my dirty mind cannot help but kick into overdrive!
  • HELIUM DIGITAL HDBT-990 WRISTBAND COMMUNICATOR for $89.99 - every dad needs a bluetooth wristband communicator! How can your dad live without one of these!! But seriously, it actually seems quite handy - instead of wearing one of those stupid looking bluetooth headsets.


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