Cute Lunch Totes from only $3.99 @!

Cute Lunch Totes from only $3.99 @!


A couple of days ago in this post about a great deal on kids’ Thermos jars, I mentioned that I had been keeping my eye out for lunch and storage accoutrements. I stumbled on a couple of extremely cute lunch totes on this morning, with prices starting at only $3.99 including shipping! That’s a really low price point so I really wanted to share. First up, the image above shows you the Niceroker Polka Dot Thermal Insulated Lunch Tote which is $2.99, plus only $1 for shipping. What a great price!

The above is the black version. For a little more, you can opt for the green version – it is $4.46 including shipping.

There are lots of other designs to choose from, going up in price from there. If you click the above link then scroll down the page, Amazon shows you, “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed,” from which you can browse and select.

Here are some more lunch totes which I think are fab prices and fab designs:lunchtote2

All of the above come with automatic free shipping from the respective sellers – you don’t have to have Amazon Prime or anything. There are a LOT more there on Amazon than those I’ve linked to above – you can choose from hundreds of different designs, from a wealth of different sellers.

I did a quick price comparison with a few online retailers such as and Bed Bath & Beyond. You’re talking about paying around the $20 mark for most lunch totes, and that’s not even including shipping fees. So even though the above bags from the marketplace sellers aren’t named brands like Luglife or Thermos, they’re simply a fantastic bargain.

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