Cute! Kids Sneakers From $24 @ Adidas Outlet

Cute! Kids Sneakers From $24 @ Adidas Outlet

I think kids have nicer shoes than their parents. I know my child does. When you look back at pictures of kids 20 years ago, they wore Velcro shoes with ABC designs on them. Children nowadays are so much more cooler than that. They get to wear all kind of cool brands, like Adidas, which recently added some new merchandise to their outlet section. They now have great prices on kids sneakers, starting from $24. Many of their styles are over 50% off!

I'm a little jealous of your child if you get them a pair of these sneakers. No, seriously, they are so hip. I'm especially jealous if you get your daughter the Infants ZX Flux EL Shoes. Despite their weird name, these are beautiful. They are satin basketball shoes with pink flower patterns. Originally $60, these are now 50% off at $30.

If you are looking for something for your toddler, check out these Adidas Original Kiel shoes. They have that cool retro style Adidas seems to be bringing back these days. You can now get them for for 60% off their original price of $60, for just $23.97.

Shipping is free at Adidas online if you spend more than $50. If you can't meet that minimum, the shipping fee is actually very reasonable, at only $4.50 for standard delivery.

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