Cute Faucet Extenders only $4.85 & Free Shipping @!

Cute Faucet Extenders only $4.85 & Free Shipping @!


Check out these cute little boys! These are faucet extenders which you can use if your kiddos cannot quite reach the water coming out of the faucet. You can choose from three designs; the yellow duck, the pink dolphin or the blue elephant. And guess what? They’re only $4.85 and that comes with free shipping to your home!

The items above are from a marketplace seller (CFHKstore) and the store has good ratings. From the comments there, I imagine that shipping is a bit slow (as it’s from outside Canada), but most buyers seem very happy.

These faucet extenders look really convenient, as you can also just flip them up for adult usage. Here’s how that works:



They’re very cute!

There was a stage when my current two year old couldn’t reach the stream of water from the faucet. She currently uses a toddler step by the bathroom sink, to help her reach the water and she can just about reach it right now. One of these would really help!

Comparing with other items, it seems that the “aqueduck” started off this fad for faucet extenders. However, it is $19… so the faucet extenders above are a budget solution.

There is a FREE solution though… I’ve seen people make these themselves out of empty shampoo bottles… though there is the risk you might have sharp or jaggy edges on those. But they’re not nearly as cute as the duckie one above, eh?

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