Cuisinart Authorized Reseller @ eBay (Deals On Small Appliances)

Cuisinart Authorized Reseller @ eBay (Deals On Small Appliances)

The other day, I mentioned the Breville authorized clearance outlet, and noted a few of the deals in there. This post is to let you know about the Cuisinart outlet, another very popular brand, and it's managed by the same retail group.

Here are some of the current deals on the outlet:

Shipping is extra for each item, and it depends where you are located in Canada. For example, I price compared the first item in the list, the SS-700C. On the clearance outlet, you'd pay about $170 including shipping - this item is $200 on Amazon. So, it's worth price comparing the items and seeing how good a deal you can find.

For all of the above items, the "was" price is how much you would pay to buy the item brand new. All the above items are refurbished to a high standard, and come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Cuisinart items come with a 3 month manufacturer warranty. On the Breville post, Bargainmooser Andrea said that she made a purchase last year, and had a small problem when it arrived. The company sent her a new machine and arranged the return at no cost - perfect customer service.

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