Crossed Signals Electronic Game $18.67 @ Amazon Canada

Can you follow the commands!
Crossed Signals Electronic Game $18.67 @ Amazon Canada

This Crossed Signals Electronic Game has got to be one of the bestselling games of Christmas 2021 in Canada. It looks a bit different from the usual family games and for that reason we want it. Get on over to Amazon Canada and you can get it for $18.67.

Crossed Signals Game

The Crossed Signals game is electronic and works with the player's movements. Simply follow the light and voice commands by moving around or by shaking the light wands.

In total, there are four games to play, and each one has various levels. This is going to be one of those toys you won't be able to put down.

To win, you need to use speed and precision. The dueling showdown mode lets you play with someone else. Score more points than your opponent to win.

Can be played on your own or with up to four players.

Delivery is free of charge for Amazon Prime members, or for those of you spending $35.


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