Creamy Maple Chill Only $1 @ Tim Horton's This Weekend!

Creamy Maple Chill Only $1 @ Tim Horton's This Weekend!

Have you noticed that Tim Horton's has added a few new maple products to their menu? I've tried the Maple Iced Cappuccino, but I haven't tried the Creamy Maple Chill yet. If you want to try it too, then this weekend is the perfect time. This weekend only, Tim Horton's has the Creamy Maple Chill drinks on for just $1 - that's the small size of course!

It is finally starting to get warm outside. While I do drink Iced Capps all year round, I do believe that they are wonderful when it is hot outside. I've tried the Maple Iced Capp already this year, and I loved it. If the Creamy Maple Chill tastes anything like that, then I am super excited to enjoy them for just a buck each this weekend.

I imagine the Creamy Maple Chill is not caffeinated like the Maple Iced Capp is. So if you are not big on caffeine or coffee flavour, then this is the better option for you. Plus, if you have a road trip planned for this long weekend, you know every Canadian road trip starts with Tim Horton's!

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