Crayola Paw Patrol Sketcher Projector $10.65 @ Amazon

Crayola Paw Patrol Sketcher Projector $10.65 @ Amazon

My kids love this Crayola Paw Patrol sketcher projector. They draw their favorite characters and then run to their bedrooms to project their designs on the ceiling. How cool is that?

What is even more cool? This sketcher projector is currently $10.65 at Amazon. It is priced at $28.96 at Walmart and I paid more than double the Amazon price just a few months ago and mine was on sale. Don't you hate when that happens?

How does the sketcher projector work? Your child draws or traces anything she desires on the reusable plastic sheets using the special markers. Then she can project her creations on the wall or ceiling. She will love to see her art grow up to 20X larger than its original size. This set comes with a projector, 6 mini markers, 3 drawing discs, tracing sheet, and stickers.

Your order will ship for free if you spend $35. I am picking up a few for my birthday gift stash.


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  • Maisie W.

    Syd had this and used it once

    • Momma2As

      Honestly, the picture does not look anything near what the advertisement shows lol

      It's more of a smudgey spot and you have to hold the product very close to the wall or ceiling to see your drawing.