Crayola Melt'n Mold Factory Only $15 @ Walmart Canada *HOT* (EXPIRED)

Crayola Melt'n Mold Factory Only $15 @ Walmart Canada *HOT* (EXPIRED)


Walmart is hosting a one-day only Christmas toy event with great deals on toys and free shipping as always! In their sale, Walmart has the Crayola Canada Melt'n Mold Factory for just $15!

While Walmart fails to list the original price, I found an old cache of Walmart's website that showed a price tag of $56.96! I also price compared with a few other places and here is what I found:

  • $50.47 @
  • $53.96 @ Staples Canada
  • $24.95 @ Toys R Us (+ shipping)

As you can see, the closest deal was at Toys R Us but it does not reach their free shipping minimum and it is still $10 higher than Walmart's price right now. Toys R Us even lists the original price for the factory as $59.99.

This mold is a very cool toy. You melt crayon bits and turn them into multi-coloured swirly crayons or rings of your own creation. The Crayola Canada Melt'n Mold Factory comes with two molds, a mold frame, and 24 crayons to melt down. I think this is an awesome toy because you get to be creative and make something of your own design. In addition, this toy also teaches reusing what we have. Your child can gather up all their old crayon bits. Instead of throwing them out, they get to make something new and usable out of what was previously junk.

The reviews on Walmart are split because one person thinks that the wax takes too long to melt. However, the reviews on Amazon are fairly positive including this one:

At first I wasn't sure it was appropriate for my 6 yr old grandson however after seeing all the safety from a child burning themselves built into this product I felt so much better. He has melted old crayons and made very colourful rings that he gives to us to colour with him. He has asked so many family members for their old crayons that he has quite a supply.

This is super cute and I think it would make a fantastic Christmas gift. This is a one-day deal only so please pick up a Crayola Factory before the deal ends and before they sell out dear Moosers!

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