Crayola 24-Count Sidewalk Chalk Kit $4.99 @ Amazon

Plus free shipping if you have prime
Crayola 24-Count Sidewalk Chalk Kit $4.99 @ Amazon

Summer is just around the corner (it must be!) and I'm starting to pick up little bits now, when I see them on offer ready for the kids to get outside when it warms up. Today I've grabbed this Crayola 24-Count Sidewalk Chalk Kit, it's a bargain from Amazon at only $4.99, especially if you can get it shipped with prime.

Amazon are actually price matching Chapters Indigo*and that could be an option if Amazon sell out or you don't have prime, but I prefer my bargains delivered to my door. They also have a minimum order of 2, so another reason to head to Amazon.

Crayola 24-Count Sidewalk Chalk Kit

  • 24 Ct Sidewalk Chalk Pack includes a variety of assorted huge, bold and bright coloured chalk sticks
  • Washable: perfect for driveway art and outdoor designs. Safe use and nontoxic.
  • Strong chalk sticks that don't break or roll down the driveway. Used to draw and design tic-tac-toe and other outdoor games for kids.

Shipping is free with prime.


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