Country Home Candle: Candle Clearance & Free Shipping on $50

Country Home Candle: Candle Clearance & Free Shipping on $50


Country Home Candle makes candles in Canada that will brighten your home this winter and make it smell yummy as well. Perfect for the holidays or just any day you want to brighten up your world. Right now, Country Home Candle has a great clearance section with deals on candles and free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

Get me anywhere near winter and I start nesting. Nesting includes gathering warm clothing, comfort food, earthy teas, and big candles together into one spot - my house. I just bought two large pillar beeswax candles that will burn for a minimum 60 hours each. Now that is my kind of candle. If you are in love with candles as I am, visit Country Home Candle's lovely selection of deliciously scented candles.

This When Polar Bears Fly! candle is perfect for cold winter nights in front of the fireplace - or the TV turned to the fireplace channel. The candle has a hot chocolate fragrance sure to make you drool. Originally $15.99, it is now on sale for $9.59.

If I were to buy one candle out of the sale, it would have to be the Apricot Cream 20 oz because it is huge and sounds delicious. The scent is of fresh apricots and vanilla cream - I would have to resist eating my candle! Originally $23.99, the candle is on sale for $14.39. While there is no picture for this particular candle, you can see the shape of the jar from this Baked Cranberry. However, the Baked Cranberry is only 20% off compared to 40% off the Apricot Cream.

I would like to purchase some Citrus & Sage Scent Squares as I like my house to smell nice at all times. These ones are on sale from $4.99 down to just $2.99. With the sage, I assume my house would smell like Thanksgiving every time I walked in as that is the only time I cook with sage.

There are so many marvelous candles on sale. Some do not have photos, but do not let that put you off. You can often find a picture of the same size candle in a different type or the same flavour in a different size to give you an idea of appearance. Items appear to be up to 40% off, which is a nice discount on beautiful Canadian made candles in mostly glass holders.

With free shipping on orders of $50 or more, you really are in for a treat. Candles and holders are heavy so this is a superb deal when you reach that minimum.

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