Costco Canada: Up To $20 Off Make Your Own Wine Kits

Costco Canada: Up To $20 Off Make Your Own Wine Kits


A friend recently posted a Facebook status that she needed to make wine and my response was that I needed to drink wine. But, drinking wine can get very expensive, and a cheaper alternative is to make your own. This deal from Costco makes even making wine affordable. Get up to $20 wine making kits.

Costco sells a number of different types of these kits, at varying prices. Basically you'll get grape juice/concentrate, ingredient packs, corks, shrink capsules, wine labels and step-by-step instructions. You'll need to get your own bottles. Which one do you want to try?

There are few more on the list and it looks like they all make 60 bottles, which means you are paying less than $1 a bottle! I think I'm going to ask for this as a gift for my birthday! The gift of wine is priceless. You do have to be 19+ to buy this item.

Shipping is always included.

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