Did You Know Costco Sells Birkenstocks?

Now you can pick up sandals AND rotisserie chicken in the same place
Did You Know Costco Sells Birkenstocks?

You might want to sit down for this, because what I'm about to tell you is HUGE. We all know that Costco is pretty much a headquarters for all things shopping. I mean, where else do you have an entire warehouse of snacks, clothes and patio furniture at your disposal? Well, they're about to get even more amazing.

They're also known to sporadically stock products from some of the best brands out there. I'm talking about Puma running shoes, Blundstone boots, Coleman tents – and now you can add Birkenstocks to that list!

In all fairness, one of our followers pointed this out to me a few weeks ago. At the time, there weren't any pairs in stock online or at my Costco, but that all changed when I went online earlier this morning.

Right now, there's only one pair in stock online: the Birkenstock Men's Arizona Oiled Leather Sandals. And get this. They're just $79.99 each! Sizes 41 through 46 are still available, which should fit most men and any women who wear a standard size 10 and up. And like just about all things from Costco, they ship FREE!

Now, there's no guarantee Costco will have Birks in stock all the time, but it's always worth plugging them into the search bar whenever you're shopping. You never know, right? Plus, the selection may vary at your local Costco, so there's always a chance you'll find a pair or two there. Maybe they'll have women's ones!

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Reply to
  • Jennifer G.

    Except you can’t because they are sold out and only carry women’s over 10

    • Britney T.

      !!!! Say what !!! Let’s go

      • Bargainmoose

        They're still in stock, but selection is always limited. We'll post when more women's sizes are available, and there are plenty of men's in this style right now!

        • Nadine W.

          Only mens

          • Bargainmoose

            I haven't seen women's Birks at Costco (besides these ones that can fit ladies who wear size 10 and up), but I'm still holding out hope!

            • Sherry G.

              They sell out within a day or two. (The smaller sizes).

              • Bargainmoose

                Good to know!

                • Nadine W.

                  Bargainmoose hope so i mean i am 9 ladies

                  • Jean D.

                    , great pricing but they don’t carry the style I like