Costco Canada: Astra Video Monitor $30 Off Now $159

Costco Canada: Astra Video Monitor $30 Off Now $159

Astra™ 3.5 in. PTZ Digital Baby Video Monitor with Talk to Baby™ Intercom and 2 Cameras

Get $30 off the Astra Digital Baby Video Monitor with Talk to Baby Intercom and 2 cameras at until June 29th, and it will ship for free. Pay only $159.99 now, with a regular price of $189.99.

Baby video monitors are very common now, but go back 8 years and I can tell you that they were just gaining momentum and starting to come down a bit in price then. For the most part though they were still on the upper end.

I remember when my husband's friend sent us a baby video monitor as a gift, I was blown away! It was one of those baby items that I never considered buying for us but it truly was a deal changer. It definitely gave us a little more freedom and reassurance. Fast forward 8 years and the quality and accessibility, just like all technology, is like comparing apples to oranges when you look at the video monitor we had. These are just a few of the features I appreciate about the Astra Digital Baby Video Monitor: the colour monitor, the talk to baby 2 way communication, the adjustable camera allowing you to position it up to 300° horizontally and up to 110° vertically, plus the fact that it comes with two cameras. This last feature is very helpful especially if your baby likes the swing or if you have a secondary nap location like we did.

I've decided to pick this monitor up for when the grandbaby visits. With this new addition to our family and the hustle and bustle that comes with having two small children of my own, this will give me piece of mind that everyone is sleeping peacefully (aka, that the little uncles aren't trying to snuggle with the new babe too often).

Because I am buying it from Costco Canada I have no worries about returning it if it doesn't fit our needs. You can find many reviews on this monitor across the different merchants, this one specifically spoke to me because of the way our house is laid out:

I received this monitor as a gift at my baby shower and I absolutely could not live without it. My baby's room is upstairs and our room is downstairs. She talks in her sleep so we were having to check on her often with just the sound monitor. We got out the video monitor and we have slept great ever since. I have been using this monitor now for 4 months.

For price comparison check out the same combo with 2 cameras at$349.99)as you can see this deal at Costco is amazing. Even if you opt for the one camera version at Walmart Canada or (both $179.97), you are still getting a better price through Costco!

As always, shipping is free with Costco.  Plus, their return policy is amazing in my opinion.

(Expiry: 29th June 2014)


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