Costco Canada: $45 Off Brother® PT2100 Electronic Labelling System (Now $29.99 | Was $74.99)

Costco Canada: $45 Off Brother® PT2100 Electronic Labelling System (Now $29.99 | Was $74.99)


Are you trying to be better organized?  Or do you already love organization and want a tool to help you on your way?  Be a master organizer with the Brother PT2100 Electronic Labelling System, which is now on sale for just $29.99 (reg. $74.99) at Costco.

I have about a million storage boxes, baskets and totes squirreled away in closets and in my basement.  I haven’t the slightest clue what is in most of them, which means that when I get the desire to hunt down that one crucial item, I’m lost in storage hell for hours.  This dilemma can easily be solved with the Brother PR2100 Electronic Labelling System.  This unit can work on its own and is also PC-connectable, allowing you to print up to 3 lines of text in 4 fonts and 10 type styles.  Slap a sticker on those boxes so you know exactly what’s inside.  I also like the idea of using labels to mark the plethora of cables that live behind my TV.  I’m always afraid to unplug something since they’re all tangled up.  This label maker will allow me to easily identify where each cord leads.

The labels are laminated, which helps in lots of ways, especially in the kitchen.  I have my spice jars labelled with hand-written stickers that get smeared and smudged when I touch them with my grubby, greasy kitchen hands.  I look forward to replacing those with much more durable labels.  You can even add pictures and logos!  The 16 character x 3 line LCD display lets you see exactly what you’re printing before you commit.

I’m actually thinking that this might be a helpful way for me to help the kids remember what goes where in their bathroom.  I’m going to label the various drawers with the items that belong in each one.  Maybe they will grow up to be more organized than I am!

The Brother PT2100 Electronic Labelling System comes with an AC adapter (it also uses AA batteries) and 12mm starter tape.

As far as price comparing goes, I found the Brother PT2100 Electronic Labelling Systemat for $99.96. Canada Computers currently sells this unit for $74.99. This is a deal not to be missed!  To make the deal even sweeter, Costco offers absolutely free shipping!

(Expiry: 27th July 2014)


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  • E.nigma
    This is a discontinued on the Brother website, hence the low low price at Costco...
    • Amie L.
      I definitely don't mind saving money on a discontinued item!