Costco Canada: $30 Off Chef's Banquet Emergency Food All-Purpose Readiness Kits (Now $110 | Was $140)

Costco Canada: $30 Off Chef's Banquet Emergency Food All-Purpose Readiness Kits (Now $110 | Was $140)


Get ready for the zombie apocalypse with Chef's Banquet emergency food storage: ARK (all-purpose readiness kits) and save a pretty penny at the same time. Originally priced at $139.99, Costco currently has it reduced to just $109.99.

Prepare to be amazed: this emergency food kit actually comes with as many as 335 servings. With its price reduction, that comes down to just $0.33 per serving! It's made to feed one person three times per day and comes with the following foods:

  • Beef flavoured vegetable stew
  • Chicken flavoured vegetable stew
  • Polenta
  • Pasta and marinara sauce
  • Red beans and rice
  • Mixed vegetables
  • Spanish rice
  • Hearty potato soup
  • Instant potatoes
  • Rolled oats
  • Orange drink

Emergency food kits make me think of end of the world scenarios but in all reality, these are actually more versatile. Although they have a 20 year shelf life, they can be used during power outages, snowstorms etc. Plus, you could also take them on camping trips or just have them for the fun of it. Here's what one reviewer had to say about it:

I ordered this and it arrived the next day. I've tried over half of the food and it has all been good. My kids have eaten everything and the grown ups like it too. Our very favorites are the Beef Stew and Rice and Beans. The Chicken Stew was great, but I would describe it more as a Creamy Chicken Soup. It has been very convenient and nice to get a variety pack like this.

Price Comparison

This same food kit is as much as $163.95 on and $156.38 at Overstock. Looking up other emergency kits, I actually found 16 servings of 100% USDA freeze dried beef dices at TotalPrepare for as much as $356.95 -- that's $22.31 per serving!


It comes in a 22.7 liter container but you won't have to worry about its weight as shipping is absolutely free.

(Expiry: July 6th 2014)


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  • Astrogal
    Thanks for the heads-up about this product. Never really thought about it other than buying cans of food in case of emergency, but this is better as the shelf life is 20 years. While looking at this product I also saw they have ones from Mountain House which have excellent reviews and are also long shelf life, so I think I'll wait for those to go on sale instead of getting this one. Anyway, it's a great thing to have in case of a blackout, thanks again for the info., it's very useful!