Cosmetic Bag Only 99¢ & Free Shipping @ CowCow

Cosmetic Bag Only 99¢ & Free Shipping @ CowCow


I adore inexpensive little bags that I can use for organizing essentials. I ran across a coupon code to score a fun cosmetic bag for only 99¢! You get to choose from extra-small, small, and medium size cosmetic bags. On top of this deal, your cosmetic bag also qualifies for free shipping. All prices in USD.

Click here to pick out your 99¢ cosmetic bag @ CowCow now

  • Coupon Code: COSMETICBG099
  • Discount: All XS, S, M Cosmetic Bags 99¢ & free shipping
  • Expiry: Unknown

Value depends upon what cosmetic bag you buy. I picked out this Love Song Cosmetic Bag (Medium) that usually costs $15.99. Shipping for it would be $5.99 usually, but this coupon gives you the bag and the shipping - a $21.98 value - for just $0.99. That is pretty much a $20 savings. You can use these bags to store makeup, organize your purse, carry change, and more!

There are so many amazing cosmetic bags. Personally, I love anything galaxy so this EAGLE NEBULA Cosmetic Bag (Medium) is a favourite of mine. I actually have a scarf in that print. This Hawaiian Pizza Party Pattern Cosmetic Bag (Medium) could be a lot of fun and it retails for $22.99! You save $22 even before the shipping costs.


At the bottom you can sort between sizes. I chose medium bags because they give you more space for the same amount of money. Either way, what a fab deal! Extra cosmetic bags (beyond one) will cost $3.99 each.


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  • Jennifer
    Fantastic deal I ended up ordering this one as it will be large enough to fit a family member's epi pen in and is easy to identify in a medical emergency.
    • Avigayil M.
      That is a brilliant idea! <3
    • Brenda W.
      ordered one - thanks - came to $1.46 cad with paypal
      • Amy
        You can also design one of your own (and I spent way too long doing just that)! There's a little "Custom 099cosbg" link right under the page numbers, and the coupon code worked perfectly. Thanks for sharing!
        • Avigayil M.
          Haha! I thought of doing that but most the art they have on there trumps my own pictures.. >.<
        • Saron
          Sweet deal, thanks! Queston - Do you guys usually use Paypal for international sites, or feel pretty safe using your credit card?
          • Anna W.
            For me on a site like this and such a small amount, I'd use Paypal myself :)
          • lamariposavioleta
            Did anyone else have trouble getting a confirmation email/code to set up an account before you could check out?
            • Saron
              Mine came through immediately via Gmail. Did you check your spam?
              • lamariposavioleta
                Thanks, there it was!!! Pesky spam filter!!