Coscto Photo Centre: 9 Cent Prints (26 Jan)

Coscto Photo Centre: 9 Cent Prints (26 Jan)


Costco Photo Centre is having a sale on 4 x 6 prints. When you order 50 or more prints, you will get them for 9 cents (compared to 15 cents) each until 17 January 2011  Extended until 26 January 2011. This sale is for Costco members only.

When you click on the above link and then click on get started, the sale information will pop up for a few seconds. It's not advertised anywhere else on the site that I can see.

Costco has a great photo centre and I've always been happy with the quality of prints they produce. If you are a Costco member and haven't created a photo centre account yet, sign up and get 25 FREE 4x6 prints!


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  • Nanda
    I cant seem to get the 9 cents to show up anywhere, do you know if it will be adjusted when you pick up? rigth now i have 53 pics in my cart & they are .15 each
    • Jodie
      The sale has been extended until 26 January, 2011. Prices shoulde be adjusted at online checkout.
      • Julie
        I ordered prints yesterday and they kept showing up at regular price (i.e. 16 cents). I called my local Costco and they said that the 9 cent promo was over and I would be charged the regular price.
        • Jodie
          Hi Julie - This post was from January, 2011, so it ended almost a year ago.