Convert Your BBQ Instantly To An Authentic Pizza Oven, $80 @

Convert Your BBQ Instantly To An Authentic Pizza Oven, $80 @

The best way make home made pizza is to use a genuine pizza oven. I've tried a pizza stone in my own oven and it's actually pretty good, but when our friends told us about their Bakerstone Basics Pizza Oven that converts your outdoor grill to a pizza oven, I was sold on it.

I thought it would be expensive, but it's on sale for $80, down from $108.

BBQ's that use either propane or charcoal briquette style can get the heat high enough to where it needs to be. Ovens seem to struggle with getting the temp. high enough and maintaining a consistent temp.

The box is composed of cordierite stones (a high quality stone used for pizza stones) in a housing of enameled steel. This creates an air flow system which helps with convective, conductive, and radiant heat around your pizza.

You can also use this for roasting fish, meats and veggies, baking breads and cookies and of course, your pizza, which will cook in 4 - 6 minutes. My best tip for pizza not to 'stick' on the pizza stone portion of this pizza oven is to use cornmeal. It really does make it slide around nicely.

Think of the desert pizzas you can make with this!

Shipping is free on orders over $50 at Walmart.


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