There's a New Connect 4 Game Out Now in Canada!

There's a New Connect 4 Game Out Now in Canada!

Remember Connect 4? My brother and I used to play that game for hours, and now Hasbro has re-released it – with a twist.

Connect 4 Shots is a lot like the classic game, in that players try to line up four of their coloured pieces in a row. But this time around, you have to bounce them in!

Instead of just dropping tokens into the game board, each player bounces coloured balls into the grid to try and line four up in a row – or block each other.

The players can take turns or try for a rapid-fire round together. Just don't forget that the ball needs to hit the table before it falls into the grid! I know this is a family game, but it's so close to beer pong that I'm really tempted to get one and turn it into a drinking game for after the kids go to bed.

It's available for the lowest price ($24.93) at Walmart Canada, or you can pick one up for $24.99 from Toys R Us Canada – and Amazon Canada also has them available for $25.79 each.


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